JUNE IS    “Father’s Awareness Month”
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“Health, Fitness and Family”




MISSION:  To Raise Awareness & Motivate “Dads in taking care of their Health & Fitness” while remaining an active participant in the lives of their child(ren). Fathering.

Fathers Awareness Month was created to raise awareness about the difficulties fathers face daily ex. Child Support, Unemployment, Underemployment, Visitation and Communication issues THAT PREVENT them from raising their biological children with their biological mother.  Also the importance of taking better care of their Health, Fitness and Fathering of their own biological children

. This initiative includes is for ALL Fathers, including;

  • Single Dads trying to make ends meet. Many are running single parent households and haven’t been to see a medical doctor in years, or have enough knowledge about how to eat healthy and stay fit.
  • Dad’s that run full family households. Helping Mom and children get through their days. car pool – their children and friends, cook breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, laundry, clean home, and spend quality time with them, etc.

National Fathers Awareness Month in addition increases visibility about when fathers are actively engaged, children are less vulnerable to the risks of childhood poverty, mental illness, juvenile delinquency, youth sexual activity, teenage pregnancy, substance abuse and failure to complete high school.
Research and Studies have proven, the more involved a dad is, the more successful his children will be. A father’s influence can determine a child’s social life, grades at school, and future achievements.

STATISTICS – 1 in every 3 children live without their father.

  • 1960 11% of children lived without fathers,
  • 2017 – TODAY 84% of children lives without Fathers! 84%!

Please VOTE, Sign the petition, today!

This month also includes awareness about the importance for Fathers to:

  • Exercise
  • Eating Healthy
  • Go to Yearly Doctor check-ups

Healthy Dads = Healthy Families. So let’s Raise Awareness & Recognize the importance of Fathers Everywhere by convincing the President of the United States, Senate, and Congress to Declare June as “National Fathers Awareness Month”!!

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