JUNE 1 – Annual 3K Walk to Welcome in the entire month of JUNE Fathers Month. Organize one in your City / State with your club or organization. P.S. Don’t forget to bring those gave you the title FATHER! 🙂 (Children, Teens &/or Young/Grown Adults) to participate or cheer you on. 

We work for Fathers Awareness Month Festivities to include :

  • FREE Health and Dental Screenings
  • Healthy Foods Expo
  • Sports Competitions
  • Fathers Walks / Runs /Marathons
  • Daddy and me competitions

Fathers Olympics

  • Fathers Walk / Run
    Dads this is your day to “SHINE”. Walk/Run in support of FATHERHOOD and for your own Health and Fitness. This event is for everyone, raising awareness while providing fun for the whole family.

Fathers of all ages and at any athletic level—from beginners to avid runners—are welcome. Moms and children can cheer Daddy on OR run/walk with him.

WALK – 3K at your own pace.

or RUN

2K – A 2-kilometer, or 2K, run is the equivalent of approximately 1.24 miles

3K – A 3 -kilometer, or 3K, run is the equivalent of approximately 1.8 miles

5K – The 5-kilometer run, or 5K is a long-distance run is the equivalent of approximately 3.1 miles

Mini Marathon – is a race on foot of 13 miles 352 yards (21.243 kilometers) 13.1 miles

  • Fathers & Sons Flag Football
  • Fathers and Daughters Dance
  • Fathers Health and Fitness Fairs
    and much more…

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