Advocating For Fathers Awareness Month

It is still surprising to see or hear the amount of People and Businesses against / don’t support a whole month being dedicated to the Awareness Of the difficulties FATHERS face and deal with, ex. child support, unemployment, underemployment, visitation issues. A person said my daddy abused me, well obviously we are not advocating for BAD Fathers, we are advocating for those who have accepted their responsibilities but still face DIFFICULTIES! So I will continue to do my best to motivate people to vote and donate to help get this campaign farther and JUNE to be officially declared Fathers Awareness Month. Dads, everyone, yes WOMEN have voted to, I need your help also! VOTE ask people you know to VOTE, so this month will become recognized nationally.

So that whereas more resources will be made available to help you in time of need, and to get decision makers to work on the child support system when a man/father cannot get a good paying job and shows proof of search, then IMPRISONED for the inability of finding one? Then yes, a review of the system is needed.

And then there are the groups that PRIDE themselves for being established for over 5, 10, 1520YRS how did this happen with them in existence for that long, under their watch?  Here’s to JUNE becoming Fathers Awareness Month aka, aka Fathering Month,

Please VOTE if not for you, then for the other GOOD fathers that want to be part of the lives of children, but denied because they don’t earn alot of money.



In the coming days we will contact Fathers Organizations, clubs, companies and religious institutions for their SUPPORT/VOTE so that

JUNE can be Declared & Recognized as “Fathers Awareness Month”. Why because 84% of households with children currently live without their father! That is our number #1 reason! Statistics may begin to suddenly change to diminish the need for Fathers Awareness Campaign, Fathers Month is necessary in order to keep people in our society knowledgeable about the other natural half of baby-makers, that want to be the other half that helps rear(raise) their children into adulthood.

This is not to enrich ourselves, profit upon the needy, this is a movement for FATHERS! This is not driven by an organization, religious or political institution even though we need their support! This is by a person that saw a need and did something about it.